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Manufacturer:Dragon Pharma
Brand Name:Anadrol, Oxy

Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg

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Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg

Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Package – 10ml vial (400mg/ml)

Active substance – Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise), Testosterone Enanthate

Test E 200mg EQ 200mg is produced by Dragon Pharma and contains a mixture of two steroids.

These are Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) and Testosterone Enanthate, a long-acting ester.

This product has been designed to help the user gain muscle mass with the least chance of developing side effects.

Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg

Effects of Boldenone Undecylenate and Testosterone Enanthate

The active substances in the steroid mix have anti-catabolic and anabolic effects.

A well deigned cycle with the correct duration of use will provide the following results:

  • Increase in fitness and stamina.
  • Increased pumps and performance.
  • Increased sexual activity
  • Increased vascularity.

Side effects of Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg

The side effects are due to Testosterone Enanthate’s tendency to aromatize.

Due to this, possible side effects include:

  • Water retention.
  • Subcutaneous fat accumulation.
  • Gynecomastia.

Aromatase inhibitors such as Anastrozole should be used during a cycle of EQ 200 / Test E 200 in order to reduce the side effects related to Testosterone Enanthate.

To help restore the production of natural testosterone, anti-estrogens are also used at the end of a cycle.

Using Test E 200mg EQ 200mg

Athletes that have prior experience can combine the drug with Stanozolol, Turinabol, and other AAS.

Experience, individual characteristics, and level of training is what decides the dosage and duration of the use of the drug.

Solo cycles should consist of no more than 1000mg a week (Beginners) and for experienced athletes a dosage of up to 2000mg a week.

No matter what happens, the length of the cycle should not be longer than 6 – 10 weeks.

Exceeding the recommended dosage and length of use will only harm the user and bring about side effects so avoid abusing the drug.

EQ 200 / Test E 200 is available for you to buy from our online store in the USA. Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg in USA available.

Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg in USA

Testosterone Enanthate is the strongest steroid with anabolic and androgenic activity.

Dissolved ester in oil, enters gradually in the blood. Due to the fact that there is Enanthate, it has a positive effect on the body more than one month.

Boldenone Undecylenate – is a derived synthetic anabolic steroid, which includes a derivative of the male hormone testosterone.

Equipoise is considered one of the few drugs with no flavorings.

Boldenone is a very popular steroid among bodybuilders, weightlifters, and those who prefer the power load.

The key to this success is the main feature of Boldenone: stimulation of the formation of the hormone erythropoietin which is responsible for the creation of red blood cells.

Incidentally, a drug characterized in that, it enables to work on the dry weight of an athlete.

Testosterone Enanthate helps to increase strength, burn fat, and Boldenone allows you to gain quality mass with a minimum of side effects.

During EQ 200/Test E 200 cycle, you should take Anastrozole to reduce side effects of Testosterone Enanthate (possible water retention, appearance of gynecomastia).

Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg in USA recommended dosage is 200-600 mg once a week. Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg


The recommended dosage for EQ/Test E is 400mg per week for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

This combination should be taken for a period of 6 weeks. If you are a novice or a beginner, then it is recommended to decrease your dosage to 200mg per week.

The dosage can be increased after a week as per the tolerance levels of the user. Under no circumstances the dosage should be exceeded 500mg per week as it can cause serious side effects.

The dosage must be carefully administered and it is always better to consult your coach or an expert who can give you hands-on advice.

Female users should avoid taking this combination as it can cause serious virilizing effects with miscalculated doses.

That is why always consult an expert or your coach who is aware of your unique body and its unique requirements to give you an ideal dosage. Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg


Following are the benefits of Test E 200mg EQ 200mg as a combination:

  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Promotes healthy heart
  • Quick recovery time
  • Enhances Protein synthesis
  • Better Mood
  • Increases libido
  • Improves Endurance
  • Improves Appetite
  • Boosts Strength And Power
  • Increases Red Blood Cell Count
  • Retention Of Nitrogen In The Muscles

EQ/TEST E is a blend of Boldenone Undecylenate and Testosterone Enanthate in equal ratios.

Both are anabolic androgens and Test E is an enanthate ester of testosterone.

This blend is available in 10ml vial, 400mg/ml packaging with an international delivery service to your doorstep.

The steroids used in combination, have a lot of benefits on their own, however, together the results are optimal and long-lasting.

This blend is more ideal for bulking cycle routines as it can help the user develop lean muscle mass, enhance performance,

and increase overall strength and stamina. This steroid is an injectable steroid, therefore, an expert or a health care specialist must administer it.

Post-cycle therapy is mandatory after every steroid cycle and remembers to consult an expert or a coach to provide

the right advice for you to be able to manage an ideal dosage and ideal combination with your bulking cycle. Buy Test E 200mg EQ 200mg in USA