Product Name: Ultima-Deca
: Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Nandrolone decanoate (Deca)
Package: 10 ml vial 250 mg/ml

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Ultima-Deca is an injectable steroid that is produced by the company Ultima Pharmaceuticals.

The active substance in the drug is esterified Nandrolone.

Nandrolone was originally developed synthetically in the 50s, but it wasn’t until 1962 when it appeared in the form of Nandrolone Decanoate under the trade name Deca-Durabolin (Organon Company).

Ultima-Deca was created to treat postoperative loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, breast cancer, malnutrition, burns, and certain types of anemia.

Today, it is used by bodybuilders and other sports personnel in order to improve physique and performance.

Ultima Deca 500 is an injectable product produced by Ultima Pharmaceuticals.

It is based on the active substance Nandrolone with an added ester.

A synthetic version of Nandrolone was developed in 1950, But Nandrolone came later in 1962 in the form of Decanoate under the trade name Deca-Durabolin (Organon Company).

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Effects of Ultima-Deca

Ultima-Dea, This classic steroid Deca-Durabolin is primarily used for muscle mass gain.

Gaining mass can be done much faster with the use of this drug because of the significant retention of water in the muscles during the cycle.

It promotes processes in the body that are essential for building muscle mass and strength, such as protein synthesis.

The androgenic activity of Deca is only 37% compared to Testosterone so it is considered a fairly weak androgenic steroid.

This means it can be used by women and those who are prone to hair loss since the androgenic and virilization effects are minimal.

Deca is also considered a perfect steroid for recovery and strength since it is able to repair and strengthen bones and ligaments as well as prevent joint pain. Ultima-Deca for sale in USA.

Recommended dosage and cycle length

Deca by Ultima is produced in a 10ml vial containing 250mg of Nandrolone Decanoate per 1ml.

The ideal dosage for men is 1-2ml (250mg-500mg) per week. The recommended dosage for women is 0.2ml (50mg) maximum per week.

A Deca cycle will usually last up to 10 weeks in duration. The steroid can be stacked with other anabolic steroids in order to achieve long-lasting and fast-acting effects.

It is commonly used in combination with long-estered testosterone. For PCT (post-cycle therapy), Tamoxifen should not be used since it can increase the progestogenic activity of Nandrolone.

Clomid or Toremifene can be used as PCT drugs after a Deca cycle. Ultima-Deca for sale.

Negative reactions

In order to avoid most side effects, it is important to undergo Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after every Deca cycle.

Some potential side effects of the drug are weak erections, pain in the loins and back, headaches or increased arterial blood pressure.

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Delivery of Deca Durabolin to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service team.

How to use it

The recommended dosage of Deca by Ultima for men is 250mg to 500mg per week.

For women, the recommended dosage is no more than 50mg per week.

The duration of the cycle is generally about 10 weeks. The drug is usually taken together with other anabolic steroids to achieve long-lasting and fast-acting effects.

It combines well with long testosterone esters.

Tamoxifen in Deca cycles and on PCT (post-cycle therapy) can increase the progestogenic activity of Nandrolone, so it should not be used. Clomid or Toremifene are recommended for PCT.


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